Exciting News! Rebrand to Jessica Rae Portraits

This is a long overdue change and I am relieved to finally announce it!

I have been contemplating changing my business name for years. As I stand here today I can tell you I am not the same photographer I was back when I decided on what my name would be. I have grown tremendously, not just in my business but as a person. I am welcoming that change and growth by shedding the old skin. I appreciate the love and support I’ve been shown over all these years because I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you!

There are some other changes you will see along with the name, good ones, and I can only hope to be shown the same love and support from you all as I always have.

We are all in strange times right now and must support one another in any way we can, you don’t have to book services to show support! You can share a post, tag my name or spread the word about my business and PLEASE if I can do the same for you LET ME KNOW. I will happily support you all in any way I can!

On that note if you own a business and you’d like to share drop your info in the comments! I would love to support you all!

P.S. A complete brand change is a ton of work and time so if something is off somewhere on any of my links or sites please reach out ❤ #loveyouall #outwiththeold #inwiththenew #jessicaraeportratits

Jessica Rae Porter owner of Jessica Rae Portraits
Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photography

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