Photography Education Services

Photography Education Services
Mentoring, Editing, Business Coaching.

Now offering education services such as 1:1 mentoring where I set up 2 sessions for us to work together for a full day of learning the ins and outs of how to run your sessions. We will cover everything from strobe lighting, to natural light, posing, angles, camera settings and more!

Also offering a course for image processing and editing. We will go over raw image processing in Lightroom, creating presets, color grading, then hop over to Photoshop and cover creating and using actions, masking, liquifying, composites, and more!

Last but certainly not least our Business coaching class. This covers everything from pricing yourself, website design, SEO, client management, scheduling and contracts.

Each course will include lunch and dinner and 3 weeks of coaching calls to refine your process, answer questions and get support.

For more information on education services check the website at

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