Our Big Farewell…

Turned out quite different than we had expected. We were all set to move out of state but we’ve had to postpone that move. We had something come up with the family and are staying put for a while longer. I was a little shocked for a moment but I am embracing the change.

In these circumstances we can really only do one thing. PIVOT! I have done it many many times and will continue to when needed. SOOO since I gave up my last studio in preparation for the move that meant I had to get another one. IT’S BEAUTIFUL, located in downtown Medford Oregon and I cannot wait to show you ALL!

We have a new member on our team as well and I think you’ll all love her as much as I do! We would love to introduce you to the new space, new helper and BRAND NEW sets! Including a stunning Christmas set (specials coming soon).

I’ll be running a giveaway to show my appreciation to all of my supporters, so I am planning what will likely be the biggest give away in our business history! Stay tuned!

Picture of a the last session held in my last studio! On to better things…stay tuned.

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