Brand Ambassador Program – Medford Oregon

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is someone who loves a particular brand or company and what they stand for so much that they apply for the position to promote that brand in exchange for money/product/services.

We are searching for SIX families to join our team! We need TWO from each category: maternity, newborn & family. Fill out your info below to be considered. After vetting each applicant to be sure we find the best fit we will reach out to those chosen.

Our chosen Ambassadors will have a 1 year contract where they will:

-Share about their experiences with our brand by posting images from the session/s with us to socials

(both behind the scenes and finished images)

-Share about events and new products from our brand on at least 2 social media platforms.

-Leave detailed honest reviews on eligible platforms about their experience with us (google, yelp, Facebook)

-Use Jessica Rae Portraits exclusively during the contracted timeframe.

What our Ambassadors will receive in exchange:

-Complimentary Portrait Session designed for them by us (possibly more)

-20% Discount on all additional products purchased during the year

-$25 in product credit for each booking client they send

-Chance to win Ambassador of the year at the end of the contracted time

3 responses to “Brand Ambassador Program – Medford Oregon”

  1. I want to enter into your ambassador program, but every time I click on it it just brings me back to this page!


    1. I am so sorry I have no idea why your comment didn’t show before! If there is ever any glitch or issues please message us directly ❤


  2. I would love for my family of 5 to be considered for your brand ambassador program! My children are 5, 7 and 12. As a working mom I don’t have enough pictures of me with my children.


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